Sakthikulangara Police Station

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The Sakthikulangara Police Station was formed and opened on 30.06.1972 vide GO (Rt) No. 846/72 Home dated. 06.06.1972. This was formally an out post of Kollam West PS., by name Kavanadu O.P. The station was sanctioned assigning the name Neendakara Police Station. The name was changed in Sakthikulangara Police Station as per GO (Rt) No. 1735/73 Home dated. 07.11.1973.

Sakthikulangara Police Station was shifted from the old O.P building to new building in SPC-234 in Meenathucherry ward in Kollam Village as per GO (Rt) No. 1264/74 Home dated. 31.07.1974 (Shifted on 21.08.1974).

Now the station is located in Sakthikulangara Village, Meenathucherry Cheri, in building No. VII/218, the areas was 9.17 Sq. Km. Formally this building was in Kollam Village as Sakthikulangara Village is formed and hence the change to the name of village.

The old Police Station building was acquired by PWD for the construction of NH bye pass. So the police station was shifted to building No. 309 in Ward No. V of Sakthikulangara Panchayat on 03.01.1998 vide GO (Rt) No. 5495/97 Home dated. 22.12.1997.

At the time of opening this Police Station was under the jurisdiction of the Commissioners of Police , Kollam District. The jurisdiction of police station was 1.Sakthikulangara-A, 2.Sakthikulangara-B, 3.Kannimel-A, 4. Kannimel-B, 5. Kannimel-C, 6.Meenathu Cheri-A, 7. Meenathu Cheri-B, and 8. Kureeppuzha.

Sanctioned strength details

2 2 8 23 4 39

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Jurisdictional area of Sakthikulangara police station comes under:

  • Loksabha Constituency – 1 - Kollam
  • Legislative Constituency - 1 - Chavara

Jurisdiction Details

This station jurisdiction cover the portion of Kollam Taluk, The area in with the jurisdiction of collector Kollam, RDO, Kollam and Thahasildar Kollam. It is with the jurisdiction of the District Magistrate Kollam, (judicial), and Sub Magistrate, Kollam for magisterial matter.

Now the jurisdiction in Sakthikulangara PS

  • SakthikulangaraCherry
  • Kannimelcherry
  • Meenathucherry
  • Kurepuzha Cherry

Border Police Stations

Sakthikulangara Police Station Jurisdiction border comes Eastern side and Northern side(Neendakara Bridge) Ashtamudi Lake, Southern side Kollam West PS limit and western side Arabian sea.

Jurisdictional Court

JFMC 11 Kollam

Government Institutions

  • Matsyafed Sakthikulangara
  • Fisheries office Sakthikujlangara
  • Agricultural office Kavanadu
  • Kollam corporaton Zonal office
  • Village office Sakthikulangara

Important Hospitals

  • Government PH Centre Sakthikulangara
  • Government Homeo Despencery Kavanadu
  • Kavarattu Hospital Sakthikulangara
  • Divya Clinic Kavanadu
  • Dental diagnose center Kavanadu
  • Deepam Hospital Ramankulangara

Important Colleges & Schools

  • St Joseph’s High School Sakthikulangara
  • St.Leyons LPS Sakthikulangara
  • SN LP School kallumpuram
  • Govt. UPS Kavanadu
  • Holy Family LPS Mukkadu
  • St Joseph’s LPS Kaniyankada
  • Govt. HSS Vallikezhu
  • AVLPS Pallikavu
  • St. mary’s H.S.S Ramankulangara
  • Lm LPS maruthadi
  • St. John;s UPS thirumullavaram
  • Lake Ford H.S Sakthikulangara
  • Christian college poovanpuzha

Transportation – Main Roads

NH 47 Road

Rivers & Main Cultivation

Ashtamudi Lake and Arabian sea – Fishing

Accident Prone Areas

  • Vallikeezhu
  • Poovanpuzha
  • Altharamoodu
  • Cheppallimukku
  • Sakthikulangara

Important Temples and Festivals

  • Sree Dharma sastha Temple Sakthikulangara
  • Devi Temple Kallumpuram
  • Devi Temple Edavanakavu
  • Vallikeezhu Devi Temple, Vallikeezhu
  • Kochunada Devi Temple
  • Pallikavu Sree Sastha temple
  • Maruthadi Devi Temple
  • Kochumaruthadi Devi Temple
  • Valiyakavu Temple
  • Alattukavu temple

Churches and Festivals

  • St. John d Britto Church Sakthikulangara
  • Holy Family Church Sakthikulangara
  • St. George Church Aravila
  • Valavil thoppu Church
  • Thirumullavaram Church

Mosques and Festivals

  • Moolankara Mosque
  • Kavanadu Mosque

Important Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Coastal Bank Sakthikulangara
  • State Bank of Travancore Sakthikulangara
  • Muthootu Bank Sakthikulangara
  • Pattroppil Finance sakthikuilanga
  • Co operative Bank Cheppallimukku
  • ICICI Bank Cheppalimukku
  • Central bank of India Kavanadu
  • District Co opertative Bank Kavanadu
  • Achani Finance Kavanadu
  • Bank of India poovanpuzha
  • Muthoottu Bank poovanpuzha
  • Central Bank of India maruthadi.

Main project through the Police station

Niyama Library at Vallikeezhu School