Seniority Lists - 2020

DO.No. Subject Date Proceedings Order
A3-3420/2020/QC Finalised seniority list of Local PCs in kollam district as on 01-01-2011. 24/01/2019
A3-41008/2019/QC Finalised seniority list of AR PCs as on 31-03-2010 in kollam district. 24-01-2020
A3-3420/2020/QC Provisional Seniority list of Local PCs (GE) as on 01-01-2011. 19-01-2020
A3-41008/2019/QC Provisional seniority list of AR PCs in Kollam from 01-01-1990 to 31-03-2010. 19/01/2019