Seniority Lists - 2021

DO.No. Subject Date Proceedings Order
A3-38913/2021/QC Implementation of GO (P)28/2017 dated 16/02/2017 in consonance with the Judgement of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala dated 07/08/19 in OP (KAT) 506/2017- Provisional Seniority list of CPOs (KCP) as on 01-01-2012 - Published- Orders issued- reg 03-09-2021
A1-6506/2020/QC Select list of CPOs fit for promotion as SCPOs for the vacancies for the year 2021- Provisional list. 28-01-2021
A3-41008/2019/QC Provisional seniority list of SCPOs (GE) in Kollam District as on 01.01.2019 has been published as per this office order( Finalised - Orders issued- reg). 22-06-2021