Commemoration Day

The National Police Commemoration Day is observed every year on October 21 remembering the brave policemen who sacrificed their lives while discharging their duties. Rich tributes are paid to the martyrs on this day.


Police Commemoration Day in India is observed on October 21. It honours the memory of Indian police personnel also achieved martyrdom during the Chinese action in 1959. The Remembrance Day was officially started in 1960 and has been observed at the national level since 2012.

On October 21, 1959, twenty Indian soldiers were attacked by the Chinese troops in Ladakh, while searching for a missing reconnaissance party. This altercation between the troops led to the death of ten policemen. Seven of the others, who were also imprisoned, managed to escape from the Chinese custody. On November 28, 1959, the Chines troops handed over the mortal remains of the policemen to India. Their cremation was held with full Police honours at the Hot springs in Ladakh.


In connection with the Commemoration Day, Kerala Police will organize commemoration parades at state police headquarters and district police headquarters. Kerala Police also organizes blood donation camps with the support of Indian Medical Association / Red Cross. A painting/cartoon/slogan/ essay writing competition will be organized at school level in each district and the winners will be awarded at state level also. The Student Police Cadets will wear wrist band to pay tributes to the martyrs on this day. On the evening of that day police will also organize meetings with the support of clubs and other voluntary organizations. In connection with the Commemoration Day a special class will be arranged for Police trainees at Kerala Police Academy about the importance of this day.