District Armed Reserve, Kollam was formed on 01.03.1958. The following officers were holding charge of Armed Reserve, Kollam.

The supervisory staff of District Armed Reserve, Kollam consists of one Deputy Commandant, two Assistant Commandants and three Reserve Inspectors. The function of the Deputy Commandant is to assist the Commissioner of Police of the Kollam City in the proper supervision of District Armed Reserve. The Assistant Commandants supervise their wing. There are 4 active companies, one HQ Company and a Motor Transport wing existing in this Armed Reserve. No. I wing consists of &lsquoA&rsquo and &lsquoB&rsquo Companies, Cash and Motor Transport Wing. &lsquoC&rsquo, &lsquoD&rdquo & &lsquoHQ&rsquo Companies and the QM Stores are in II wing.

At present the Officer in charge of this Camp is Sri. N. Babu, Deputy Commandant.(As per GO. (Rt.) No. 3335/14 Home dated: 15.12.2014, he was posted to DAR, Kollam City on 12.01.2015). There is one Assistant Commandant, Sri. R. Baiju (I & II Wing)) . Sri. A. Raju, G. Vijayagopal and K.K. Babu are the Reserve Inspectors of Police I, II and III respectively.

General Duties Of Armed Reserve
The main duty of the District Armed Reserve is to assist the local police in Law and Order duties as and when required. In addition to this, District Armed Reserve performs all Guard duties, Prisoner Escort, Money Escort, VIP/VVIP duties etc. The personnel from this AR are also rendering their service as Personal Security Guards to all dignitaries and important persons who require protection. Thus District Armed Reserve plays a key role in the policing of a District.

The AR Camp, Kollam which extends in an area of 5.34 acres of land in Survey No.83/20 in Vadakkevila Village in the Kollam Corporation area is divided into two parts with 3.06 acres for Camp Offices, barracks and ground and 2.28 acres for A R Family Quarters. The camp has got one Administrative Block where all the Offices of DC, ACs, RIs, Company offices, M.T and Quarter Master etc are functioning.

Welfare Measures
a. Subsidiary Central Police Canteen
Subsidiary Central Police Canteen is functioning at AR Camp. Sri. R. Baiju, AC-I, AR is its manager now.

b. Wet Canteen
A wet canteen to provide tea and refreshment to AR Men at reasonable rate is functioning in AR Camp. The wet canteen is run by a committee elected once in every month from among men themselves.

c. Library
A good library is functioning in AR Camp. Annually a library committee is constituted from among the men and officers to look into the functioning and purchase of books. One PC is spared to look after the day to day issue and receipt of books. A small reading room is also maintained along with the library.

Armourer Shop
Periodical inspection of arms of District Armed Reserve and local stations are conducted by the unit Armourers on a pre &ndash programme approved by the District Police Chief . The unit Armourer at AR Headquarters carries out repair and maintenance of arms at the unit level. The arms of the entire district were inspected by the unit Armourer SI/ASI of this unit and given the grading satisfactory.

Motor Transport Wing
Motor Transport wing of Kollam City police is functioned at AR Camp Kollam at Mundakkal road and it is direct control of Assistant Commandant of Police &ndash I, AR Camp. At present an officer of the rank of SI is holding the charge of Motor Transport Officer. Vehicles of Kollam district are properly maintained. Drivers, Unit Mechanic and users are clearly and sufficiently briefed in this regard.

Quarter Master Store
QM Store is functioning under the direct supervision of Asst. Commandant &ndash II. At present At present an officer of the rank of ASI is holding the charge of Quarter Master. Arms and ammunitions are under the control of the Quarter Master. The QM store is housed in the Administrative Building itself

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