Janamaithri Suraksha

Janamaithri Suraksha Project

            Janamaithri Suraksha Project seeks the responsible participation of the citizens in crime prevention at the level of the local community, conserving the resources, both of the community and of the police, in fighting against crimes which threaten the security of the community. Experience shows that by seeking the active co-operation of the public in performance of police duties, the process of Law Enforcement becomes far more effective.

            The Community Policing project of the Kerala Police, Janamaithri Suraksha has been launched in Kollam City and is successfully carried out in every Police Station.

            The project is structured so as to facilitate closer community involvement in ensuring security and safety within communities and 2016 was a fruitful year for the project reflecting with low crime ratio and better control on Law and order. With a strength of 82 beat groups, 9663 beats were conducted and 29444 houses were visited. During such house visits, the beat officer had collected vital information regarding whereabouts of the KDs, DCs, Ex-convicts etc. in their respective areas.

            Last year has been a successful outing for Janamaithri Suraksha Project for Kollam City Police. Following its success, the City Police has drafted an action plan so as to utilize each and every Police officer in the district. As a part of this action plan, some ventures had already been initiated along the entire district. &lsquoSafe Kollam&rsquo Project, an anti-drug campaign and awareness program aiming the students, &lsquoGurukulam&rsquo Project aimed keep students away from the nexus of crime and drugs and from bunking class hours, &lsquoSubhaYathra&rsquo aimed for curbing Traffic accidents, &lsquoKazhcha&rsquo Project for finding and supporting the hapless and helpless people back to lead a normal life, &lsquoHelp a Poor&rsquo project aimed for supporting the poor people and &lsquoNirbhaya&rsquo a project that guarantee security for women and children are some of the initiatives by Kollam City Police as a part of the Janamaithri Suraksha Project.

In Kollam City Police District, Janamaithri Suraksha Project was implemented in all Police Stations

Safe Kollam

Safe Kollam was basically an anti-drug campaign to keep educational institutions free of the menace of narcotic drugs. Under the project, a WhatsApp group has been formed. People can feed messages on drug-related activities so that it would help the Police to take quick action. Under the programme, beat police officers from Police Stations will regularly visit Schools in their jurisdiction to campaign against drug abuse. A Whatsapp group (9497960892) has been formed which will receive tips and information round the clock regarding antisocial activities. People and students are encouraged to be active in the group so as to help the Police bust all narcotic activities in the city. A quick response team consisting of an SI and nine Police personnel are ready to act throughout on the information received. Each and every school in the district, are linked to Safe Kollam Project through the Janamaithri Project. Safe Kollam pushes for constant commitment and involvement of PTAs, NSS, SPC and Janamaithri Police officers for monitoring and ensuring the city and school campus is free from the use of Drugs and other narcotic substances.

Gurukulam Project

Gurukulam project, by Kollam City Police was aimed to save the students who are regularly bunking their class hours without the knowledge of their parents and falling to prey for drug rackets where they are utilized as carriers. According to this project, the Community Police officers will verify the Gurukulam Project website on daily basis which is updated every day by the school authorities for and those who are found absent are tracked with the help of police who then in turn gives necessary advice in the presence of the parents and school authorities. Support for offering counseling for such students are also extended in unavoidable situations.


Subha Yathra

Subha Yatra is a programme initiated by Kollam City Police to check road accidents by strictly implementing traffic rules in the wake of increase in the of number of human casualties in road mishaps. The aim of the programme was to reduce the rate of accidents to the lowest level by imparting awareness classes to those who neglect traffic rules, travelling without proper safety gears Auto/Taxi/Bus drivers, unconventional way of overtaking, Rash driving and other careless attitude related with road safety. Regular training and awareness classes are imparted at the District AR conference hall by trained officials two days every week to those who are involved in the above acts and for those who are involved in traffic cases for harvesting a better traffic culture.


Kaazhcha project by Kollam city Police is aimed for arranging a better life to the neglected elders lacking family care and found to lead their life in the streets. This project is working on ensuring support for the aged and elderly people, who are alone, face health problems, depression and loneliness with the help of various organizations for a better future and the efforts are widely applauded.

Help a Poor Project

Help a Poor Project, initiated by Kollam city police through Janamaithri Suraksha is mainly focusing on tracking out the poor people with the help of beat officers from their respective area. This effort was first implemented by Chathannoor Janamaithri Police Station and the success of this project has been implemented in the entire district.

Nirbhaya Project.

Increasing cases of atrocities against women and children is a danger signal which needs to be rectified and foreseeing this situation, the Janamaithri Sthree Suraksha project has been prompted develop a self-defense programme . The project had conducted various classes along the city giving ample defense techniques and thereby lifting the confidence among women. Skits, debates on women welfare, short films bearing women safety messages were conducted at schools throughout the district.

Apart from all these efforts, the Janamaithri Police Station has made an impact on the following:

  • Conducted pledges at various institutions against the use of drugs and other narcotic substances and performed drama and other programmes bearing messages against the use of drugs.
  • Awareness classes were given to drivers according to their category on road safety.
  • Meetings were conducted by all beat officers with the collaboration of various residence associations, social activists, child welfare officers and their valuable suggestion were taken into account and was utilized for sorting out certain issues that had bubbled up in their respective areas.
  • Necessary steps were taken to boost up the performance of the Jagrata Samithis which in turn reflects in the improved efficiency of the Station performance.
  • Those who had excelled in connection with the Theera Suraksha Project were honoured in the Republic day Parade.
  • The present social condition of the colonies had been improved and police have succeeded in convince and take them to belief and thereby conveyed messages against the use and abuse of drugs.
  • Janamaithri police cropped good results in eco-health problems with the co-operation of the local residents.
  • Senior citizens were privileged during Elderly People&rsquos Day and awareness classes were conducted.
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