Parippally Police Station

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circle : Paravoor Circle Sub Division : Chathannoor

The Parippally police station was opened on 06/09/1979 at 9.30 am as per the GO(Rt)1623/79/Home dtd 17.08.1979.The station was located in western side of NH47 road at Parippally Junction on Parippally village in rented building.

A new government building was construced on the eastern side of NH 47 road between Parippally and Mukkada JN near the Panchayath Ground for the functioning of Parippally Police station .The station was shifted to this new building No.KPXI/180 of Kalluvathukkal Grama panchayath at 4pm on 03/01/2004 Parippally .P.S –Area-3337 Hector ,102 Are,142 Square feet. . At the time of opening this Police Station was under the jurisdiction of the Superintendent of Police Kollam .At present Parippally police station under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Kollamcity .At the time of opening Parippally,Kalluvathukkal,part of Chirakkaravillages were included in the Parippally police station. The Parippally police station building newly opened the Hon,ble Chief Minister of kerala Sri.AK.Antony on 03/01/2004.

Sanctioned strength details

2 2 6 23 4

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Jurisdictional area of Parippally police station comes under:

  • Loksabha Constituency – 1 - Kollam
  • Legislative Constituency -1- Chathanoor

Border Police Stations

The ParippallyPolice Station Jurisdiction border comes Eastern side of Pallikkal PS, Northern side Chathannor and Pooyappally PS, Western side Paravoor and Ayiroor .P.S, Southern side Kallambalam Police Station.

Village offices

  • Parippally- Near Prince Auditorium,Parippally
  • Kalluvathukkal - Kadamanthottam,Nadakkal
  • Chirakkara - Uliyanadu

Government Institutions

  • Village Office, Parippally
  • KSEB Parippally
  • BSNL Thettikkuzhy,Parippally
  • Post office, ParippallyJN
  • Post office Velamanoor
  • Agricultural office, Mukkada
  • Indian Oil Corporation, Pampuram
  • Chirakkara Panchayath Office
  • Kalluvathukkal Panchayath ofiice
  • Post office Kalluvathkkal
  • Post office Aduthala


  • ESIC MCH, Pampuram,Parippally
  • Primary Health Centre,Parippally
  • Star Hospital Parippally
  • Kalyani Hospital
  • Harish Hospital
  • Manjesh Hospital,Kalluvathukkal
  • Vimala Hospital,Kalluvathukkal
  • Tims Hospital,Oozhayikodu

Educational Institutions.

  • Sherin International,Kadampattukonam
  • Ezhippuram,L.P.S
  • Ezhippuram.H.S.S
  • Dvbmhss Ezhippuram
  • Amrita H.S.S
  • Govt .L.P.S,Parippally
  • Sreekrishna Central School ,Pampuram
  • U.K.F Engineering College,Meenambalam
  • L.P.s ,Meenambalam
  • Chirakkara.H.S
  • Karaunacentral School
  • Mahatma Public School
  • Raghavanada Central School
  • Kalluvathukkal Panchayath School
  • Govt: L.P.S Kalluvathukkal
  • U.P.S Kalluvathukkal
  • Aduthala Govt:L.P.S
  • Chenthippil L.P.S
  • Elamkulam L.P.S
  • Velamanoor U.P.S
  • L.P.S Kizhakkenela
  • ICDS Bank Coaching Centre Nadakkal

Transportation-Main Roads

One of the main police station in NH side .

Parippally junction is the passway of Kadakkal,Nilamel Paravoor and Varkala .The buses services towards Madathara,Kadakkal,Nilamel,Varkkala,Kottarakkara are available from Parippally Junction.


Ithikkara river is passing through the P.S limit.

SC/ ST Colonies

No Scheduled Tribe colonies are prevails inParippally.P.S limit. Important Scheduled caste colonies are :

Kalluvathukkal, Ezhippuram, Channampoika, Muthupurathummugal, Chenthippil, venkkunnu, kuzhivelikizhakkukara, Karimpaloor, Mukkattukunnu, colony

Major Hindu Temples and festivals

Majority of the people lives in the limit are Hindus and they celebrating various festivals .Kodimoottil is a famous Temple in Parippally police station limit situated in Parippally JN.100of Elephants participated in the festival for Gajamela.

Major Hindu Temples

  • Kodimoottil Temple,Parippally
  • Chavarucavu Temple, Mukkada
  • Nagaru Kavu ,Mukkada ,Parippally
  • Sreekrishna Swami Temple, Ezhippuram
  • Gurunagappan Temple, Pampuram
  • Sree Subramanyan Temple, Parippally Jn
  • Thottathil Sree Durga Devi Temple,Kizhakkenela
  • Vayalilthrikkovil Sree Durga Devi Temple
  • Kunnathuveettil Temple, Sreeramapuram
  • Sreeramaswamitemple, Sreeramapuram
  • Ayyappa Temple, Oozhayikkodu
  • Madan Kavu Temple, Kulamada
  • Pampuram Panachikavu Sreekrishnaswami Temple
  • Pampuram Vishnupuram Temple
  • Sreebalasastha Temple Karimpallor
  • Karimpaloor Temple
  • Chirakkara Sree Bhagavathy Temple
  • Gurunagappan Temple,Chirakkara
  • Madankavu Temple (Near Kalluvathukkal School)
  • Aluvila Temple,Nadakkal
  • Oozhayikkodu Temple ,Kalluvathukkal
  • Chennottikavu Temple,Chirakkara
  • Velamanoor Bhagavathy Temple

Churches and Festivals

Christian communities are comparatively low in number than other community

Major Churches

  • Aduthala Chritian Church
  • Koorappally Church
  • Kalluvathukkal Kurisadi
  • Pallivila Jawahar Jn

Important Mosques

Muslim communities are mostly residing at Ezhippuram,mannayam,and parippallyJN areas in the station limit. Majority Muslims are engaged in business activities for their livelihood.

Major Mosques

  • Ezhippuram muslim jamaath
  • Maanayam mosque
  • Parippally muslim juma musjith

Banks and Financial institutions

  • State Bank of India, Parippally Jn
  • Statebank of Travancore,Parippally Jn
  • Canara Bank ,Jawahar Jn ,Parippally
  • Indian Bank Parippally Jn
  • Federal Bank ,Thettikkuzhy, Parippally
  • Nadakkal Service Co-operatieve Bank(Branch)Parippally
  • Federal Bank, Kalluvathukkal
  • Indian Bank, Chirakkara
  • Elamkulam Service Co-operatievebank, Kalluvathukkal
  • Nadakkal Service Co-operatieve Bank, Parippally
  • Statebank of Travancore,Velamanoor
  • Chirakkara Service Co-operatieve Bank

Various projects functioning at Town North Police Station

The following programmes are functioning in the station limit as part of Government Policy. A special team under one ASI is formed for the smooth functioning of the below mentioned programmes.

Women Help Desk

With the help of women help desk women who are came to Police Station are getting a huge relief and functioning in good manner.


An elder friendly Officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

As part of Clean campus safe campus High schools introduced by Govt. of Kerala.The programme is effectively implementing in all most Schools functioning under Parippally PS limits in a good manner. The goal of ‘Clean Campus and Safe Campus’ is to prevent using injurious/pshycotraffic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the programme could achieve the goal to a great extent.